Women of the Waters 

An Eight Day Transformational Retreat for Visionary Women Ready to fully Embody Divine Feminine New Earth Leadership 

Is Pele calling you into the fires of transformation? 

Have you been longing for the sweet embrace of Mama Ocean?


We have set the stage for a potent transformation— a container that will hold you through these eight days and beyond.


Now, beautiful sister, we are calling you in.


Do you want to dance in devotion to the return and rise of the magical, mystical feminine?


Are you ready to fully embody your majesty, radiance, and power as a heart-centered leader of the New Earth?

If so, please read ahead and book a discovery call below! 


Meet Your Facilitators 

About the Retreat 

Image by Wesley Tingey

8 Days + 7 Nights (Lodging + Food)​

At On Ocean Side Balinese-Style Retreat Center 

On The Big Island of Hawai’i 

Adventures + Outings

Ceremonies + Rituals 

Embodiment Practices

We are gathering over an eclipse (visible from Hawai’i) and 11.11.22.


We will be oh so taken care of so we can fully surrender into the arms of Grace. We will be staying at an ocean-front Balinese style retreat center on the west side of Hawai’i, where we can receive the healing medicine of sunsets over the ocean every day and be fed local food from the ‘aina (the land) that we will be sleeping on. 


This retreat will allow for deepening in sisterhood and co-creation. You will come away from our time together with life-long friends, greater trust in life, and fuller embodiment of your heart-centered, and womb awakened spirit-led leadership.


This will be a portal for BIG MAGIC both on personal and collective levels. 


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (11.8) will take place on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. In other words, the Full Moon will be in Taurus and the sun will be in Scorpio.



 Taurus :: Sensuality, Pleasure, Embodiment

 Scorpio :: Sexuality, The Hidden, Emotional Depth



How perfect that we will be working with an earth and a water sign. The elements are so alive here on the ‘aina. I can’t wait for you to experience the energetic upgrades she offers so generously.


This will be an opportunity to clear the residue of sexual trauma, shame, and guilt around sex and pleasure, and fully own your magnetic feminine radiance and power. 


We will have water ceremonies throughout our time together. We will walk daily to the ocean, which will be just a few minutes from where we are staying. We will adventure by boat out to the deep blue sea where we will connect with the crystalline matrix of Mama Sophia Gaia and be held in her healing watery embrace as cerulean light codes stream through.


We will open up to receive healing activations from Goddess Pele, as this is her home. She is calling you here to both embody more of your divine self and to embrace your humanity and wild feminine fully.


We will make a visit to the fiery cauldron of her womb and receive vocal activations in her belly (the lava tubes). 


And that’s just the beginning! The way I facilitate spiritual adventure retreats is based on deep listening. I can’t wait to see what else wants to come through.

Here’s a little summary of what we are weaving together:

Luscious Embodiment Practices: 

 Solar + Lunar Yoga 

 Breathwork + Meditation

 Odissi Fusion Dance

 Nature Bathing + Sun Gazing

 Spaciousness for Divine Rest + Integration

Adventures & Outings:

 Deep Ocean Exploration - Sea Safari Swim

 Lava Tube / Pele Vocal Activation

 Daily Ocean Connection

Rituals & Ceremonies:

 Full Moon Eclipse Ceremony (11.8)

 11.11 Ceremony For Alignment for Your Highest Timeline

 Womb Healing + Heart/Breast Reclamation Ceremonies

 Water Blessing Ceremonies


 Surprises & Delights Yet To Be Made Known

 Your Co-Creative Magic & Shining Heart

 Celebration & Deep Devotion To The Unfolding Mystery


Our Retreat Center


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