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Women of the Waters 

A Transformational Retreat for Women

Embodying Divine Feminine Leadership 

November 10th-16th 2024

Akumal, Mexico

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Are you ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime by soothing and awakening your Feminine Channel with Lauren Spencer

Your Adventure...

A week of learning how to deeply tend to your health, your body, your relationship with Mother Nature & Her Waters

Cultivating Sisterhood

Enjoying our Private Retreat Centers Cenote, Pool,

Hammocks, Fire Pit, & Yoga Shala 

Going on a snorkel adventure to swim with sea turtles 10 minutes from our Retreat Center

A day trip to Isla Mujeres (The Island of Women) to visit the temple of  Ix Chel and play on the beach

Eating delicious foods, daily yoga practice, swimming in the ocean, healing, laughing, playing

Learning about Divine Feminine Leadership

Heading home feeling like you just got out of the best bath of your life

Check out our Private Cenote Below












Mmmmmm, doesn't this sound delicious?

So... what does it all entail?

The Integration of Divine Feminine Leadership 

  • Cultivating a Deep Connection with Mother Nature 

I will be offering private watsu floats in our cenote so you know what it feels like to be held and reborn in our waters.  I will introduce songs to sing to the waters so you can begin cultivating relationship with the water element.  We will go on a guided tour to swim with sea turtles to create relationship with the animals of our ocean.

  Mother Nature has guided me to each location I have offered Women of the Waters for a reason.  She is in need of us honoring her, building relationship with her, and her waters.  She wants to show us the way to living in alignment and peace with her. This is the New Earth frequency we are cultivating and stepping into at Women of the Waters.

  • Balancing our Masculine and Feminine Energies 

Healthy, Balanced, Whole Leadership comes from integrating the Yin and Yang qualities within us.  We must have balance within to create with the balance of life.  When we create from ego, power, or hunger we bring damage to the earth and our people.  

On 11:11 I will be offering an integrative workshops that awakens balanced Yin and Yang energies with you.  I will then teach a Odissi fusion dance for cultivating relationship with our Inner Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.  This relationship will be your guide through your rise to Leadership. It will also help you to bring balance to all aspects of your life.  We will be working with balancing logic and emotion, work life balance, and feeling confident

speaking and marketing your hearts truth. 


  • Healthy Relationship with your Cycle, Your Body Temple, and Your Intuition 

As Women we are connected to the rhythms, cycles, and seasons of life.  When we drop into our Wombs we synchronize with the Sacred Wisdom of Mother Nature and her Cycles.  On this retreat  we will be rising with the sun and sleeping with the moon.  Slowing down and listening to Mother Nature, her animals, and her messages for us.

I will be guiding us deeper into beautiful synchronization with your body and your intuition.  I will be offering 1:1 Mayan Abdominal massage for each woman.  This practice was founded on these lands and the Goddess of these teachings is Ix Chel. This is the temple we will be visiting on the Isla Mujeres.  I have felt divinely guided to offer this medicine on the lands it was born from.  I'm so excited for you to receive this medicine here.

  • ​Meaningful Sisterhood Connection and Healing

 I will be holding space and creating the container for sisters to relate to one another honestly, with their hearts open, guided by emotional transparency.  There will be no space for anything less then love and vulnerable relating on this retreat.  This retreat will have plenty of partnership and group activities that will deepen your bond with fellow retreat members and cultivate long lasting sisterhood and relationship.  

The ripple effect of this work impacts all women and all of the women in our lives.  It's my prayer that we build each other up, make each other stronger, and shine our Divine Feminine gifts out on the world for all to see. 

If you are ready to walk with God as your Guide this Retreat will provide you with a blueprint of how to: tend to your body temple, build relationship with Mother Earth, connect with spirit daily, & successfully pursue your purpose in this world. 


Meet Your Facilitator 

Splash of Water





































































7 Days & 6 Nights at 

A Private Retreat Center in the jungles of Akumal, Mexico

Pricing Includes Lodging, Food, & Transportation 

Adventures & Outings


If you are hearing the call it's time to focus on you.  It's time to focus on your personal growth and walking your spiritual path.  I provide women with the tools they need for walking their spiritual path, healing their bodies and sexual energy, and creating relationship with Mother Earth.

 You will come away from our time together feeling refreshed, with new like-minded friends, having a greater trust in life and spirit, and feeling embodied in your heart-centered and womb awakened spirit-led leadership.


We will be working with

The 11:11 Portal which numerically represents Sacred Union within, 

The balanced Masculine and Feminine Energies 


The Full Moon on 11.15 in Taurus

 Taurus Represents :: Luxury, Wealth, Grounding, & Sensuality 

How perfect that we will be working with these energies over the retreat, It's like the Divine helped me plan it! :)

This retreat will be an opportunity to clear the residue of sexual trauma, shame, and guilt around pleasure, and fully own your magnetic feminine radiance and power. 


We will have water ceremonies throughout our time together. We will have morning yoga and daily time in the waters. We will adventure by boat out to the deep blue sea to swim with sea turtles and visit Isla Mujeres.


We will open up to receive healing activations from the land as she is calling us here to both embody more of your divine self and to embrace your humanity and wild feminine fully.


And that’s just the beginning! The way I facilitate spiritual adventure retreats is based on deep listening. I can’t wait to see what else wants to come through.

Here’s a little summary of what we are weaving together:

Luscious Embodiment Practices: 

 Solar + Lunar Yoga 


 Odissi Fusion Dance

 Nature Bathing + Sun Gazing

 Spaciousness for Divine Rest + Integration

Adventures & Outings:

 Sea Turtle Snorkel Adventure

 A day Trip to Isla Mujures and the temple of Ix Chel

Rituals & Ceremonies:

 11.11 Ceremony For Alignment for Your Highest Timeline

 Full Moon Ceremony (11.15)

 Womb Healing + Heart/Breast Reclamation Ceremonies

 Water Blessing Ceremonies


 Surprises & Delights Yet To Be Made Known

 Your Co-Creative Magic & Shining Heart

 Celebration & Deep Devotion To The Unfolding Mystery






Akumal turtles.webp

Our Beach 

Our Retreat Center

About the Retreat 

Pricing & Logistics 

We arrive at the Retreat Center at 4pm on the 10th 

Airport pickup is 2:45pm from Cancun Airport on the 10th 

We will have Dinner and an Introductory Ceremony on the evening of the 10th 

Breakfast will be provided before departure on the 16th 

Airport shuttle will leave at 11 am 

After Enrollment you will receive and email with detailed logistics as well as a Care Package of Surprises!


Early Bird Pricing until Easter 


or a down payment of $444 to secure your spot

From there you may

create your own payment plan or pay the rest in full

This price point is for a queen bed in a shared room with one other sister

Bring a sister for a enrollment fee of $1,888 and share a King Bed in your own room

Ready to book?  Leave your Down Payment Below!

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