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Healing the Mother Wound 


...It all begins with the Mother... 

She is our first template  

She teaches us how to relate to the world, our bodies, and others 

She holds the seed of our creation

We grow within her womb and under her care

Yet for many of generations woundings and traumas within our lineage and ancestry have formed and passed down.

I created this program for men and women who currently struggle or have struggled with their relationship with the Mother.  In this relationship there can be an unhealthy dynamics at play that keeps you trapped in a toxic relational cycles.  Some of you may still be in relationship, have distanced yourself, or have no relationship to your Mother. This course is here to help you heal and resolve this cycle from your lineage, below I have listed more symptoms of a Mother Wounding.  

          Mother Wounding symptoms: 

  • Difficulties thriving and going after your dreams

  • Keeps you in Shame & Guilt cycles 

  • Unhealthy Relationships 

  • Low Self Worth 

  • Constant People Pleasing 

  • Feeling Responsible for your Mothers Happiness

  • Having to be the adult in your family when you're the child 

  • Difficulty Embodying your Feminine Side & Trusting Women 

  • Emotional Disregulation (depression, anxiety, or addiction to drama)

  • Addiction issues (Food, Sex, Gambling, Drugs) 

  • Difficulty honoring you and your gifts 

  • Constantly being hard on yourself 

  • A lack of care and nurturing for your self

  • Repeating unhealthy patterns of your lineage 

This is a 8 week program that can be taken individually or in a group format.  Individually you receive 2 1 on 1 sessions and with the group format you receive 5 live group calls.

Upon Enrollment you will receive a booklet of your program, a journal, a 1 on 1 session with me where I guide you on an inner child journey, & access to our online portal 

Weeks 1 & 2 

Identification of the Mother Wound 

Your Attachment Style & Love Language 

Inner Child Healing


The Mother & The Inner Mother 

Weeks 3 & 4 

Self Sourcing

Setting Boundaries

Self & Emotional Regulation 

Validation Exercise 

Finding your voice 


Weeks 5 & 6 

Giving back your Mothers Grief 

Embodied Grief 

Breaking the Genetic Code 

Reclaim your feminine side 


Weeks 7 & 8

The Wounded Mother & The Healed Mother: Divine Mother, Earth Mother 

What Role does the Father/Masculine play in this 

Awaken to your Power

Rebirthing meditation

This program is dedicated to my vision of witnessing healed, healthy, & whole families throughout our communities 

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"I very much enjoyed the Healing the Mother Wound course with Lauren. This course helped to relax in knowing I have all I need within and how to source the mental and emotional wellness, validation and support from within. My ability to care for my self and prioritize my emotional needs has strengthened. I have become aware of generational patterns within that no longer serving me and through a shared container of like-minded women - I was able to detach from those patterns, feeling seen and heard which has been profoundly healing. The guided meditations and the inner child journey were super helpful as well. As a doula who works and coaches women, I can now say I have a deeper knowledge of how to mother myself one each moment along with deepening my doula practice. Giving myself this time of reflection to receive this wise medicine of self-love has been life-changing. Thank you, Lauren! " -Suzanna

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