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Awakening To Your Divine Feminine

An 8 week interactive online program created to awaken the sleeping wisdom within the wells of your sacred temple.  Our Divine Feminine Essence comes alive within Love, Sensuality, Creativity, Intimacy, & Wisdom.  We will be accessing and awakening these energies through the heart and womb with proper nurturing, self care, & ritual during this program.  A more detailed description of the program can be found below. 


 I have dedicated this course to all women who have ever had parts of themselves silenced.  


The program contains 8 weeks worth of information to help awaken dormant energies inside the heart, womb, and yoni to their full potential. 


  The program can be completed through the 8-week online group format or individually.  The online program includes 5 recorded group calls on zoom, and1 individual session.  Each of the live calls & individual sessions will go into greater detail and application of these teachings.

After enrollment you will receive the manual with all the practices, access to the portal of video's and recordings, a yoni egg, a yoni steam, a journal, and a flower essence. 


Our next Group Round is February 10th 

Tuition is $609






The 8 Week Program Curriculum

:Week 1: 

Preparing Your Temple

Learning about creating Altar Space

Learning how to create Flower Essences

Identifying with your burning Passion of Desire &

How to create in the Physical

:Week 2:

Awakening the Goddess 

Creating Relationship With Mother Earth 

Awakening Your Inner Goddess

Burning Away Heart Protection 

:Week 3: 

The Beauty Way of the Heart 

Self Love Meditation

Sensual Bath Instructions

Breast Massage 

:Week 4:

The Rose Heart & Womb Connection

An Oath & Ceremony of Innocence 

Yoni Egg Introduction

Moon Time Practices & Our Cyclical Nature 

:Week 5:

The Wisdom of the Womb

Yoni Gazing

Yoni Steam 

Female Ejaculation & an Interview with Water Priestess Dakota Chanel

Water Scrying

:Week 6: 

Shakti, The Divine Feminine Energy 

Introduction to the 5 faces of Shakti

Shakti Yoga Flow 

Invoking the Goddess: 

Abundance, Grace, & Beauty 

:Week 7:

Shakti Awakened

Invoking the Goddess:

Our Inner Warrior

The Void & Descent into the Underworld

:Week 8:

The Sisterhood of the Rose

Staying in the Flow: Finding the Balance of Giving & Receiving

Lunar Water Ceremonies

Listen to the Rose Heart & Womb Whispers

Closing Ceremony


Sisterhood of the Rose 

I'm so grateful to bring this offering forward to all Women who are ready to dive deeper into their bodies best kept secrets & uncover their Divine Feminine 


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