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This massage oil is made with Fractioned Coconut oil, Organic Rose Oil, & Organic Geranium oil for the perfect floral essence to massage into your Sacred Rose Heart and Sacred Rose Womb.  If you're not familiar with breast or womb massage you have the option of purchasing an instructional video where I introduce Breast & Womb Massage techniques that were taught to me by my Divine Feminine, Rose Lineage & Water Priestess Teachers.  


Benefits of Breats & Womb Massage: 

Increases blood flow 

Supports lymphatic system 

Increases sensation in these areas 

Invites in pleasure 

Improves relationship with your body

Increases you ability to recieve pleasure 

Decreases risk of Dis-ease 



Rose & Geranium, Breast & Womb Massage Oil with Optional Instructional Video

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