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Healing the Mother Wound Workshop

Welcome, If you have found your way to this page you may have a difficult relationship to the concept of Mom and Mother.  It's my goal and life's purpose to help shift this relationship.  In this offering I created a shorter expression of my 8 week Healing the Mother Wound program by identifying the key components involved in this healing & transformative process.  Join me for a 5 hour workshop as we dive deep into Healing the Mother Wound & cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself and your Inner Mother. 


Workshop Componenets

Greeting your Inner Child


Self Sourcing versus Out Sourcing 

Facing the Grief of Losing

your "Ideal Mother" 

Greeting your Inner Mother 

Connecting to the Womb of Mother Earth 

Embodiment Practices 

Rebirthing Meditation 

Greeting the Divine Mother 

Our Event Space 
A half day workshop at Healing Spirits in Boulder, Coloraodo
Friday,August 18th 11-4pm

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