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Women's Hot Spring Retreat

November 11th-14th

Joyful Journey Crestone, CO


In a time of fear, social distancing, and mask wearing I'm inviting you into the heart and womb of Sisterhood, Community, & Deep Healing of our feminine frequencies.  I have felt our field clearing through a lot of difficult emotions lately.  I want to invite you back into safety and warmth by inviting you to sacred waters.  The birth right of our feminine essence that has been blocked from our awareness as our culture for too long is in a stage of reemergence.  I would love to be your guide in helping to heal and awaken these sleeping energies within your sacred temple.


 11:11 is a portal date and we will be working with these Union Code Energies infused with the New Moon Energies on 11:14.  


Workshops & Schedule will include


Opening Ceremony & Union Code Activation 

(11:11 Balancing of the Divine Masculine & Feminine Within)

Water Scrying

Daily Yoga with Shakti Influence

Shakti Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Ceremony

Water Baptism 

Water Movement Meditation

Sound Healing

Womb & Breast Massage

Shakti Water Abun-Dance 

1:1 check in with me 

A Deeper look into our Moon Cycle (Menstrual Cycle) & Our Inner Seasons

Hot Springs Soaking & Cultivating Sisterhood

Song Circle & Honoring Our Lineage 

Fire Ceremonies (If allowed)

Closing Ceremony Ritual of Flower Baths

Plus: More Surprises <3


My Intentions

Help Women align to their Feminine Flow and Abundance through the essence of Sacred Waters

Introduce Fluid Movements & Deep Embodiment 

Create a Sacred Relationship with our Cyclical Nature through Education

Honor your Sacred Body Temple through Dance & Movement

Cultivating a Deepening of Self Love, Self Care Practices & Sisterhood 

Awakening the Divine Feminine Within 


This Retreat will be limited to 10 women

It Includes Breakfast & Dinner of Vegan and Vegetarian Options

Accommodations are Heated Yurts & Rooms

I will be renting the event center for Workshops

and Private Pool time for us

Queen Bed Spot: $699

Twin Bed Spot: $622 


You may pay in full

or provide a 50% deposit at sign up & the rest before the Retreat


Tickets can be purchased through my website by clicking on the Book Online Tab

If you are utilizing the Deposit Payment Plan please e-mail me and I will send you the Payment Plan

I will be scheduling a phone call with each woman who signs up to go over the retreat in more detail & what to bring

or if you would like to phone chat before purchase e-mail me at

Private Event Offerings 

Have you wanted to host an intimate sacred gathering at your home for you and your loved ones, but don't know where to start? 

I host private events for full moons, new moons, celebrations, women's circles, yoga classes, & gatherings of all kinds 

What hosting Includes

A meet & greet to see the space

Your vision for the event 

A plan for the event

An event catered to you & your guests


Events May Include, But aren't limited to 





Sound Healing

Women's Circle

Ecstatic Dance 

Elixir Bar 


Tarot Readings

Flower Essences 

& More 

The options are as endless as your imagination! for inquiries 

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