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This sweet Mariposa Lily is from the valley of Ouray, Colorado.  A Valley that was a home to the Ute Indians and a host of many sacred waters.  This essence was in brew nestled in my garden until the eve of the Cancer New Moon on July 20th, 2020.  This Cancer new moon and her Motherly energies will be infused in this essence.  

Let’s look deeper into the Mariposa Lily & the sweet energies this flower carries.  The word Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish: a symbol of transformation and metamorphosis.  The Spring Water this essence is soaking in was collected from Monarch Pass.  The root of the word is Mari- which means star of the sea & is the root of the name Mary.  The name of our two sacred rose 🌹 sisters: Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary

Mariposa literally means “Maria Rests” & ingesting this beautiful infusion of Saint Maria integrates the properties of the Rose Essence, Sweet Mari/ Sweet Mother resting within our soul.  As we hold the memory of Maria by ingesting her waters may we deeply integrate our Pure Rose Essence.  The lily is also associated with the womb and her creative potential.  Enjoy! 

Mariposa Lily Flower Essence

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