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This essence contains the purple and yellow Salsify flower (pictured above) as well as Pink Rose.  This essence was created to assist in carrying us out of the heavy energies of grief and transformation, and into a new healthier foundation.  The rose will mend any grief that came up for the purpose of our transformation.  The Salsify will help provide you with mature vision and insight into your next step, blossoming projects, and new beginnings.  


The essence brewed under the Gemini (twin energy) new moon on June 13th until Summer Solstice.  The energies of this moon were to create union between our masculine and feminine (hence the yellow & purple Salsify).  There was a crumbling of old foundations and stories that happened during this time to set a healthier foundation to TAKE FLIGHT.  There was also lady bug medicine, as she was on the stalk of the salsify at time of harvest.  Lady bug medicine is that of gifts and abundance all around you.  

Salsify Flower Essence

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